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I’ve always craved seeing the world, and even more so, Europe. After studying in Italy in college, I’ve been obsessed with travel. I just want more of it. I started The Flying Mum blog to show other parents that your wanderlust doesn’t have to end when you have kids. You just have to be more prepared with different expectations!

Now that we have kids, I want to make sure we get the most out of our trips, so I’m on a hunt, albeit obsessive, for crazy adventures! We’ve done zip lining, via ferrata, crazy hard hikes, suspension bridges, cliff walks, alpine slides, water slides, and we’re just getting started!

And that means, the kids are comin’!

But I’m not stoppin there. I want to help all children be able to travel more easily, no matter their abilities or disabilities. That’s why I’ve started a clothing line – to help raise funds for my cause, in partnership with Wonders Within Reach.

I think it’s my work as a physical therapist in a trauma center that motivates me. Seeing sick and dying patients every day, I see firsthand that tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. Start living today.

Many think my husband and I are cuh-razy for traveling with kiddos. But we think we’d be crazy NOT to! We love the adventure of it all. We hope you will too! Not convinced? Read my Top 10 Reasons to Travel With Your Baby or Toddler. Explore my site for adventure ideas, tips, gear, and destination guides. The Flying Mum has just launched a Clothing with a Cause range.

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